Million Loves in me 

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Inspired by a true story and a headline case in Hong Kong, MILLION LOVES IN ME begins when Katy, the 45-year old daughter, is charged with animal cruelty after the police discovers more than a hundred dogs and cats being hoarded at her apartment. Following her trial at the court, the abnormal lives of Katy and her mother arouses the attention of their neighborhood reporter who starts to investigate into their lives. After he finds out about the animal hoarding situation at their apartment, he discloses the matter to the public for the sake of justice. However, after seeing Katy being caught by the police and devastated by the intense public criticism, he begins to doubt the morality of his own actions......

In the story, Mrs. Fong, Katy's mother, has developed the psychological illness of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder after being abandoned by her husband and son. Consequently, she has an obsessive need for control over her daughter's life. On the other hand, Katy has been living in an invisible cage set up by her dominant mother since childhood, without enjoying any normal life of a child. Being physically and emotionally abused by her mother, she has developed symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in her early age. At the age of 45, the poor woman only has the intellect of a 15 year-old child, and her gullible character makes her easily fall for men who cheat her out of money. Although her life is miserable under her mother's domination, Katy is indeed unable to live an independent life as a normal person. Likewise, in order to cope with her compulsion to control, her mother is unable to detach herself from her daughter. The two inseparable women seek relief from their respective disorders through excessive shopping, ending up in the hoarding of pets at their home. The pets are almost the only object in which Katy can find her comfort and trust. She treats them as her best friends, but on the contrary everyone blames her for being cruel to them.



Genre:  Drama, Comedy

Country:  Hong Kong / Malaysia / Canada

Year:  2016

Duration: 109 minutes

Director:  Sampson Yuen Yun Hong

Languages:  Cantonese & Mandarin

Subtitles:  English

Producers:  John Y, Kenny Chan

Screenplay:  John Y, Lim Tiong Wooi, Jeremy Tan

Cinematographer:  Wong Tak Fung

Editor:  Loo Chean Hoong

Music Composer:  David Koon

Principal Cast:  John Y, Lo Koon Lan, Hiro Hayama, Wilson Lee, Ruby Yap, Joa James, Yunn Ru

Dates & Times: October 28, 2017 4:00 PM

Plays In:  ArcLight Cinemas - Culver City

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